10,000 3D NFT Characters Living in an Animated Universe🪦💀


The first ever animated series that gives character ownership rights to its fan base via NFTs.

Our goal is to extend into traditional media platforms such as Netflix or Amazon while you retain ownership of our characters in a decentralized model. Imagine if you owned R2D2 from Star Wars!
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Be the first to a new kind of collectible that has its own animated series, roadmapped integrations for all members, with members owning unique-IP and guiding the future - claim your unique digital identity and get access.

Own the IP & Rights from within the Animated Series

Each unique DeadHead is owned by YOU.
When you own a DeadHead, you own the NFT and the intellectual property of the underlying Art itself. You own a character in the multi-media universe, with commercial and non-commercial rights.

Decentralizing Hollywood

Be the creator of an animated series and claim your 1/1 character that will be immortalized in animation.
DeadHeads have a unique place in NFT-history as the first collection to become its own animated series. Collectors will help guide the vision and ultimately be the first bottom-up funded production house.

Notable Leadership and Investors

Owning a DeadHead is your key to the underworld.
DeadHeads are created by thought leaders and top developers in the NFT-space. This has led to support by notable individuals and companies such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Matt Kalish, Steve Aoki, Unstoppable Domains and many more.


Ownership opens up a number of benefits for holders. You can make and sell merch with your DeadHead. You can sub license the rights. When a gaming company wants to make a Family Guy video game, they have to approach the owners of Family Guy and get price gouged for the ability to use Family Guy characters in their game. With DeadHeads, because you own the IP, that same gaming company only has to buy or sub-license your DeadHeads from you. In essence, you own a piece of the brand and have the power to do with it what you want.


An innovative piece of technology that allows people to collect rare assets from the animated series. After every episode, the Green Room is opened up, revealing limited edition items available for people to collect. These items vary in rarities, and are a way for people to collect pieces of history from the show. Some assets might play an important part later on in the series, and some might only be seen in that one episode. That's the fun of it all!


Who Are Skull Troopers?

Skull Troopers are the common enemy in the NFT underworld Season 1. They are an army of ruthless gangsters trying to hunt down the 3 keys to the Underworld Elevator and stop Damien from fulfilling his destiny. For how evil these troopers may seem, they themselves are terrified of the power and malevolent nature of their boss (currently known as “The Big Boss”)

The Skull Troopers exist in a ranked hierarchy. These ranks are, from bottom to top: Skull Trooper Guard, Skull Trooper General, and Skull Trooper Leader. These different ranks can be identified by the shapes of their Skulls. There are also Skull Troopers who refused the rule of the Big Boss and went into hiding, but their current plan and locations are unknown.


Dead Tickets

The Green Room is only opened up for holders of "Dead Tickets". These Dead Tickets are queued mint passes with a 1-time use and allow people to access the Green Room and mint assets. The assets themselves are free (plus a small gas fee), but minting an asset will BURN 1 or more of your Dead Tickets. The number of Dead Tickets required to mint an asset varies depending on the rarity of the asset itself. These burned tickets are removed forever from your wallet, and the lower numbered ticket will always be burned first. So choose wisely how you spend them!


Token Info

ERC-721 Contract

#10,000 DeadHeads Available

Price 0.09ETH
Activations require MetaMask

Distribution of 7.5% used for buying the floor & paying animators/creators/employees

Terms Of Service

DEADHEAD Ep1 Roadmap

Creating your digital identity and creating a season of DeadHeads requires adoption and planning, we wanted to outline what we have in-store for those who'd like to come along.


Floor Mopping & Hiring

We are purchasing the floor and re-investing into the community, we are in the process of reaching out to key members and paying forward the ones we have bought to these volunteers, elected creators and key contributors.

Allowing passionate creators to come to the table and become invested in our collective future by receiving deadheads.

Some of these deadheads will be used in series thus increasing the equity earned by contributors. We also plan to symbolically burn a few, this includes making it an aspect of our story. This is currently ongoing at a cap of 20ETH/week and reducing for-sale supply.


DH Merch Drop 1

You wanna rep the dead and so do we, limited-edition drops to come soon. You do NOT wanna miss the OG run of DeadHeads merch.

Clothing runs will be small and for DH owners only.

This won’t look like your average merch drop — we’re DeadHeads so we’re gonna do this right. It's burnable NFT clothing and it's live.




These tickets are your way of accessing pieces of history from the animated series. Imagine owning Arya's sword 'Needle' from GOT. Or owning Tegridy Farms from South Park.

Burning a ticket in the 'Green Room'Queued priority to enter the Green Room will be given to LOWER TICKET NUMBERS first, meaning you will have your pick of which assets to mint before everyone elseEvery mint requires a ticket to be burned. Choose wisely how you spend yours



Decentraland Graveyard + 3D Models

We all wanna party it up in hell, head over to plot 9999 in Decentraland and see our progress to date.

Our team of metaverse experts are conjuring up ways to make this an inclusive space for DH who spend time in Decentraland to enjoy —  a theatre is now installed, accessible only for DH holders.

This space in the long-term will be for collaboration, congregation and generally our very own home within the metaverse. It is not only part of this roadmap, it will grow, be iterated on, and improved as we go along this journey together.

Step 5


Animated Series EP1 Pilot

You can view this episode on all major platforms, find more information on Twitter & Discord on how to become part of it yourself!

Creating the first episode is bringing together many different talented professionals from within the DeadHeads universe for the first time and as we redefine what it means to produce content in a distributed network from production to ownership - we're defining this together.

Meet the  Humans 

Jeremy Jenson

Co-Founder of AIArtHouse, Tech thought leader and NFT enthusiast.

grim reaper


AI Engineer, Co-Founder of AIArtHouse and massive degen.



Metaverse expert, early AI adopter and smart-contract dev



Decorated animator and designer, NFT lover and creator of things.