This is Deadheads. The reanimated adventures of dead souls owned by living fans.

a dead good show

This is our YouTube series. The story of a bunch of funky lost souls, trying to find our place in this topsy-turvy underworld. From dodging Skulltroopers to discovering the Mystery of the Ring™, we’re here to bring a little joy to an eternity of suffering.

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own a character's soul

Every Deadhead is for sale. So if you want to be in the Deadhead community, you can get your own character as an NFT now - these are Digital Collectibles.

Our underworld is swarming with fresh, corruptible, tradeable souls. With the IP rights in your pocket, you’ll get the chance to put your characters in the show or bring them to life in weird and disturbing ways (for ideas, see our community).

find your SOULLESS mate


Join a lively discussion on our Discord. Get rewarded for interacting with us on Twitter. Share your Deadhead NFT with our community and show off all the ways you’ve been corrupting it. There’s no end to the ways you can come play with us, forever and ever and ever.

burning questions

What the hell is an NFT?

A commodity that is 'fungible' is something that can be exchanged for the same value, and is completely interchangeable. The most common example of this is money.For instance, $20 bills are fungible - they can be swapped for another $20 and you wouldn't notice the difference, or you could swap them for 2 x $10.

Whichever way you exchange them, it makes no difference - the value is the same, meaning you essentially have the same commodity. You still have $20, regardless of how you try to cut it.

So, something that is non fungible is something which cannot be exchanged or interchanged with anything of the same value - as there is nothing exactly like it.

In this sense, a non-fungible commodity can be assigned value and bought, but as it is completely unique, it is non interchangeable for anything else like itself. We use NFT's to represent Digital Collectibles, they are not investments or a means to make money.

How do I buy one?

NFTs are commonly traded on marketplaces such as Opensea.io or aggregators of marketplaces like Gem.xyz

DeadHeads NFTs can be found using the Official Links in Discord.gg/DeadHeads. We recommend one of the following:

How much does it cost?

The price of an NFT will vary depending on what people decide to price them at, each individual one will have a unique price.

Do I need to buy a Deadhead to be a part of the community?

Yes, or a Skull Trooper or a Halo Head. DeadHeads is a franchise containing many varying assets

When is the next Episode?

We strive to have a new episode ready every 2-3 weeks. Depending on the complexity of each episode this timeframe could shift. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLAbt0FzUCe5BRAtMM40Ikg

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