Deadheads is an unholy union of YouTube series, ownable characters and online community.

It's the first ever animated series where fans can own the characters. By buying the NFT of an original Deadhead, you can give them the chance to appear on the show, make and sell your own merch, or simply turn them into a 3D model to darken the vibe of your mantlepiece.

cast your character

Once you own a character NFT, you can give it the chance to appear in the show. Add it to the casting pool and it might get picked to star in an episode, short film or some other content.


Watched the show? Seen something you like? After every episode we open up the Greenroom, where you can trade and collect one-off characters and assets.

The business


First and foremost we’re here to entertain. Deadheads is about capturing hearts and minds (and souls).


We’re one season in and not slowing down. Look out for upcoming animated shorts and our first feature film.


Hell is an inclusive, democratic society. By buying a character NFT, you own a piece of the brand and the universe.

Notable appearances

meta world peace

Former LA Lakers basketball player and NFT innovator.

Benny d lowkey

Creative. Musician. Voice of the lead character Damien.

steve aoki

World famous DJ, Producer and NFT innovator.

... and more soon

the artists


Decorated animator and designer, NFT lover and creator of things.

kaman williams

Skull Trooper artist, Kaman Williams has worked on Hello Kitty and much more.

the team

Jeremy jenson

Jeremy is a technoculture optimist enjoying WEB3 and fortunate enough to have worked with some incredible individuals from entertainment to tech along the way.


teMpo is a giga-brain AI engineer that implements technicals and strategy behind GMI studios. Published lead AI engineer and developer with hundreds of citations.


Squirt11e previously worked on UX development with Apple and Netflix and helps guide all WEB3 implementations.

lanett grant

Head of Analytics Product Office and Data Quality in the Clinical Research Organization. Art collector helping GMI Studios connect the dots.

Bennett phillips

Bennett is on the business development team at Unstoppable Domains and a DeadHead maxi. He advises GMI Studios on partnership strategy.

chris cozzolino

Chris is the Founder of an Account-Based Marketing firm, drawing from experiences in Instagram Growth, Influencer Relationships, and overall Business Development.

burning questions

Deadheads NFTs

What are NFTs?

A commodity that is 'fungible' is something that can be exchanged for the same value, and is completely interchangeable. The most common example of this is money.For instance, $20 bills are fungible - they can be swapped for another $20 and you wouldn't notice the difference, or you could swap them for 2 x $10.

Whichever way you exchange them, it makes no difference - the value is the same, meaning you essentially have the same commodity. You still have $20, regardless of how you try to cut it.

So, something that is non fungible is something which cannot be exchanged or interchanged with anything of the same value - as there is nothing exactly like it.

In this sense, a non-fungible commodity can be assigned value and bought, but as it is completely unique, it is non interchangeable for anything else like itself.

How do I buy one?

NFTs are commonly traded on marketplaces such as Opensea.io or aggregators of marketplaces like Gem.xyz

Deadheads NFTs can be found using the Official Links in Discord.gg/DeadHeads. We recommend one of the following:

How much does it cost?

The price of an NFT will vary depending on what the market decides to price them at, each individual one will have a unique price.

Do I need to buy a Deadhead to be part of the community?

Yes, or a Skull Trooper or a HaloHead. Deadheads is a franchise containing many varying assets. However, everyone is free to enjoy the show!

Show Tokens

What is $SHOW?!!

$SHOW is the official token used within the DeadHeads ecosystem. These utility tokens are used to collect exclusive digital assets from our Green Room, access unique benefits, and more. With gas prices so high on ETH, adding an ERC-20 token will massively reduce transaction fees for our holders.

What are the tokenomics?

- ERC-20 token on ethereum mainnet.
- No max supply. This is not a currency, this is a utility token only to be used within the DeadHeads ecosystem.
- Any tokens spent are burned from supply.

How Do I Earn $SHOW?

Tokens can only be earned by staking your DeadHead characters (DH, Skull Troopers, Evolved DHs) into our casting pool. No, you cannot stake a vessel/urn. This locks up your NFT for a period of time and gives it a chance to be featured in our content! The longer you stake, the bigger the rewards. Bonus $SHOW will also sometimes be given out on special occasions as rewards.

How Do I Claim My $SHOW From Staking?

When staking your NFT, you will accumulate $SHOW weekly. At any time, you can see how much has been earned, and claim your $SHOW. This will put the earned amount into your digital wallet for you to own and use freely. Note: $SHOW is accumulated. To save on gas, you can wait to claim your tokens and continue to accumulate.

When can I spend $SHOW?

Starting Season 2 (and maybe earlier), all Green Room assets will only be purchasable using $SHOW. Other future events/functionality may also require $SHOW.

What happens to the $SHOW I spend?

All $SHOW used will be burned from supply.

What about DeadTickets?

If you hold a DeadTicket after season 1, you will be able to trade in your DeadTicket for a proportionate amount of $SHOW

DeadTickets & Green Room

What are DeadTickets?

The Green Room is only opened up for holders of "Dead Tickets". These Dead Tickets are queued mint passes with a 1-time use and allow people to access the Green Room and mint assets. The assets themselves are free (plus a small gas fee), but minting an asset will BURN 1 or more of your Dead Tickets. The number of Dead Tickets required to mint an asset varies depending on the rarity of the asset itself. These burned tickets are removed forever from your wallet, and the lower numbered ticket will always be burned first. So choose wisely how you spend them! https://opensea.io/collection/deadtickets

What is the Greenroom?

An innovative piece of technology that allows people to collect rare assets from the animated series. After every episode, the Green Room is opened up, revealing limited edition items available for people to collect. These items vary in rarities, and are a way for people to collect pieces of history from the show. Some assets might play an important part later on in the series, and some might only be seen in that one episode. That's the fun of it all!


When is the next Episode?

We strive to have a new episode ready every 2-3 weeks. Depending on the complexity of each episode this timeframe could shift.


Can I exchange DeadHeads merchandise for a different size?

Unfortunately all merchandise sent is final, we will not be able to take returns or trades for different sizes

Intellectual property

Do I retain IP ownership of a DeadHead that I burned for an Evolved DeadHead?

Unfortunately no you do not. The DeadHead that has burned is not in your ownership anymore. You will have IP ownership of your Evolved DeadHead.